Cannon, Mark & Ellen - Spain
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Caswell, Rick & Elaine - Mali

Collins, Patrick & Jeanne
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Frey, Butch and Pam
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Galyen, Shawn & Deborah - Spain
We are thrilled to be your ambassadors to Spain... reaching students and training leaders. If ... more

Gracza, Paul & Jocelyn - Hungary
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Hosch, Terry & Carl - South Africa
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Humphreys, Alexander & Kathryn - Japan
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Lear, Joseph & Alice - Serbia
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Olson, David & Celia
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Seevers, Gary & Deborah - Global University
Gary & Debbie serve people around the world through Global University and its 235 ... more

Spolarich, Suzanne - France
I returned to Paris, France the summer of 2011 for my fourth consecutive missionary term. I ... more

Tyler, Michael & Cara - Germany

Van Dolsen, Warren & Laura - Italy
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Wespetal, Thomas & Nancy - Russia & Ukraine
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Whitman, Andy & Stacey - Kenya
Andrew began his life as an Assembly of God missionary in 1994 with an internship in Albania. ... more